Karen Shapiro

Karen Shapiro cannot remember a time in her life when she was not teaching. She currently serves as the technology integration coordinator at Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park in South Minneapolis, and has taught every grade from kindergarten to 7th in California, New York, and Minnesota. She spends most of her time thinking about digital literacy, collaboration with families, racial justice, and organizational health within schools.

George Shannon

I am a son, brother, father and husband…

As a Son, I had the privilege to be raised by both parents.  They nurtured and taught me to never give up and to carry myself with dignity.

As a Brother, I am a protector.  I am the youngest of four.

As a Father, I am a provider.  My children have taught me that fatherhood is a journey and it is my responsibility to encourage and direct them to achieve what they want in this life.

As a husband, I am a companion.  I’ve learned to listen more, observe often and to love more deeply.  Having a life long partnership means accountability, you get what you give.

My divine purpose is to live life more abundantly.


Ryan Williams-Virden

Ryan Williams-Virden is a cultural worker from Northeast Minneapolis.He spends his days in the classroom facilitating conversations around justice and growing from the brilliance of young people. Ryan cares about his family more than anything else in the world. he is a son, brother, husband and father.


Anthony Jennings

Anthony Jennings was born in Aurora, Illinois. The oldest of five children, his mother moved to Minnesota for a better start for her children. They came to north Minneapolis and Anthony attended Willard, Franklin and North High School. He did not attend college after high school, instead choosing to work to help his family. He worked in retail for years before he had his first son at the age of 24. Two years later he had his second son. During that time he completed two years of AmeriCorps, using those scholarships to attend MCTC. He then started working in security for the next ten years before leaving for a store manager position with Villa shoes. Recently, Anthony started working at HWMR with the Black Excellence movement.